When This Mother and Son Took the Dance Floor, I Never Expected Lightsabers!


When this man was a little kid, his brother said that he would have his mother sing the Star Wars melody to him consistently before sleep. And now, on his wedding day, it makes sense that he and his’ mom/child dance would be…Star Wars themed! So, dancing to this famous melody is sufficiently adorable – yet it starts much better. Watch until the end, what they do is entertaining! Watch the video and get ready to smile.

I asked myself that I was the only one watching thinking, “Alright, how long they would be able to dance like this to Star Wars?” And suddenly – BAM! They break out the light sabers!

What takes after is an absolutely magnificent light saber fight where the groom and his mother take on two groomsmen – Storm troopers. I really think this mom is great.


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