The Absolute Best Recap of the Presidential Debate


There is a  video might break the internet today.


In the wake of last night’s presidential debate, there is the natural influx of political commentary in regards to the events. Fot those of us who missed out, it’s not difficult to gain and understanding of what went on. Apparently the debate itself was messy. Although Hilary took victory over trump, the general consensus seems to be that no one is particularly happy with either candidate. A series of meme’s have hit the internet today that seem to sum up thoughts of the general public. This one created of Steve Harvey seems to be fairly universal.



It’s all quite comical at times, watching them interact, sensing the attitudes and mutual feeling of disgust with one another. Hilarious really. Until, like the Steve Harvey meme above, we realize the future of the most powerful nation is the world is unfolding before our eyes. It’s sobering. Well in true social-media-era fashion, everyone is giving their thoughts and opinions in real time. Thank goodness for the lighthearted funny-guys out there or this all might just be sad. Check out this video uploaded to Youtube:

Also, another meme:

There seems to be a trend here. We all have our opinions and personal experience that create bias but its arguable that this is a unique election year in that there is discontent with the options for president. I wasn’t able to watch all of the debate last night. So I’ve been doing my civic duty as a U.S. citizen to update my knowledge of the current events and learn exactly what happened last night. My searches were fruitful and I was able to find the most popular videos that recapped what went on last night. According to public opinion that is my Facebook news feed, although portrayed by actors, this is the best summary of last nights events:


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