The Amazing Transition of Beauty Year By Year


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No matter what year it is, or what the fashion trend is, beauty is always there. We put together a list showing the transition of that beauty year by year. You’ll notice the overall look will slowly morph from the ultra-conservative dresses with the perfectly sculpted hair and lots of makeup to the more natural “hippy-ish” look as time goes by. And there’s nothing better than watching beauty represent itself in so many different ways.

1950 – Maria Felix

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Maria Felix is considered one of the most important figures of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. The Mexican actress starred in numerous hit films and her stunning beauty is something that will live on forever. Maria was known for her dark flowing hair, piercing eyes, and a smile that could bring a man to his knees.

1951 – Jean Patchett

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Known for being one of the biggest models of her era, Jean Patchett was without a doubt a true beauty. With her golden blonde hair and dark green eyes, she made the cover of Vogue Magazine two different times. She was once described as “a young American goddess in Paris Couture,” which is quite the compliment.

1952 – Marilyn Monroe

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This blonde bombshell surely needs no introduction. As a matter of fact, she might be one of the most recognizable faces in modern history. I find myself having trouble finding the words to properly describe her beauty, and I doubt I’m the only one that Ms. Monroe left speechless. While she lived a short life, her breathtaking beauty is considered legend and will live on forever.

1953 – Audrey Hepburn

If there was a definition for “girl next door” in the dictionary, the lovely Audrey Hepburn would likely be pictured right next to it. America’s sweetheart is considered not only a film icon but a fashion icon as well thanks to her cunning sense of style and natural good looks.

1954 – Grace Kelly

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The absolutely stunning Grace Kelly lived a life that most little girls could only dream of. Not only was she one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, but she became an actual princess. While attending the Cannes Film Festival in 1955, she was asked to participate in a photo session with the Prince of Monaco, Rainier III. The two hit it off and were eventually married. Later on that year she retired from Hollywood and enjoyed the Princess lifestyle.

1955 – Elizabeth Taylor

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If there’s anyone that could match the popularity and of the Marilyn Monroe, it would be Ms. Elizabeth Taylor. Starting her career as an actress at a young age, she quickly became one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. Her dark hair and glowing smile made every girl want to be her, and every man want to be with her.

1956 – Dorothy Dandridge

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Dorothy Dandridge is well known for a variety of reasons beyond her breathtaking beauty. She was incredibly talented as well. She was the first African-American actress to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress thanks to her starring role in the film Carmen Jones.

1957 – Marilyn Monroe

We decided to put Marilyn on the list two different times because she was so influential to how everyday women viewed their own beauty. Following her phenomenal success, women started to dress like her, do their makeup, and even wear their hair like her. And in no way was this a bad thing. Unfortunately, Ms. Monroe passed away at a young age because she likely would’ve continued on her path as an icon for quite some time.

1958 – Sophia Loren

What list of iconic beauties would be complete without a personal favorite of mine, Sophia Loren? Her genuine natural beauty is another one that leaves most people speechless when they try and describe it. Born in Italy, she had that exotic look about her with piercing eyes and a smile that could bring a man to his knees. Interestingly, she continued to exude the highest level of beauty for the next 50 years or more.

1959 – Brigitte Bardot

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Brigitte Bardot is considered one of the best-known sex symbols of the late 1950’s and 1960’s. Even though she started her career in 1952, it wasn’t until she landed a starring role in the controversial film And God Created Woman that she became world famous. When she wasn’t leaving audiences enamored by her stunning good looks, she worked as an animal rights activist and continues to do so today.

1960 – Pascale Petit

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Prior to her work as an actress through the 1960’s and 1970’s, French-born Pascale Petit was a beautician so she knows a few things about stunning good looks. With her dark brown hair and big beautiful smile, she had a very girl next door look about her. Although, the classic beauty mark below her right eye gave her just enough of that exotic look that really grabbed the audience’s attention.

1961 – Jean Seberg

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Jean Seberg was a small town girl born in Iowa who would later become a successful Hollywood actress. She has a long list of movies to her credit both in American cinema and due to spending almost half her life in France she was well known in the French movie scene as well. Rather than the long flowing hair that was popular to that point, Seberg had a shorter more conservative cut often referred to as the “pageboy.”

1962 – Catherine Deneuve

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This lovely lady is another French actress by the name of Catherine Deneuve. She was known for her roles that often portrayed aloof mysterious beauties. Her gorgeous blonde hair was often big and flowing, some refer to it as the “bouffant” hairstyle. She also worked as a model and sometimes would use her singing voice to please her adoring fans.

1963 – Barbra Streisand

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This next one is another that surely needs no introduction. It’s the one and only Barbra Streisand and over her career that spanned six decades, she won the hearts of audiences all over the world. She may not have the classic good looks of the Sophia Loren’s of the world, but she had her own unique beauty. And what made her so attractive to most people is the way she owned that beauty and made it her own.

1964 – Audrey Hepburn

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Some women exuded so much natural beauty both in regards to their appearance as well as how they were as a person. And one prime example of that was the breathtakingly beautiful Audrey Hepburn. It was 1964 when she landed her role in the classic film My Fair Lady which portrayed her as a debutante. And even with all the wild hats and frilly outfits, her natural beauty still shined through like a spotlight.

1965 – Jean Shrimpton

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As we get later into the 1960’s you’ll start to notice a slight change in how women carried themselves. Take Jean Shrimpton for example. She is considered to be one of the world’s first supermodels and it only takes one look at those stunning blue eyes to see why. Jean never did a whole lot of acting, however she was still just as well known due to her classic good looks that earned her numerous magazine covers.

1966 – Natalie Wood

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Anyone that saw the film West Side Story already knows why the lovely Natalie Wood made this list. She was a complete knockout in her role as Maria. Although because she started working as an actress as a child she did star in a quite a long list of movies over her career. She embodied the girl next door look for the most part, but it was those eyes that really set her apart from the rest.

1967 – Twiggy

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This stunning lady is the British cultural icon commonly known by her nickname, Twiggy. Although her given name was Lesley Hornby. Twiggy was influential as a teenage model in London during the “swinging sixties.” Twiggy had her own unique look with her big puppy dog eyes with long dark eyelashes and incredibly thin build (hence the nickname). By 1967 she became known worldwide for her modeling with jobs in Japan, the United States, and of course France.

1968 – Lesley Jones

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While she may not be very well known, Lesley Jones was a talented model that landed herself on the cover of Vogue Magazine not once, but three times in total. Her cute little freckles and big beautiful eyes were the epitome of the small town girl/girl next door look. Photographers loved her and fashion guru’s loved working with her.

1969 – Jane Birkin

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By 1969 Jane Birkin had already had a few movies under her belt after spending her late teens and early 20’s as a model throughout London and Paris. She was on top of the world and had the beauty to back it up. Her long straight brown hair and beautiful eyes seem to perfectly close out the swinging sixties as we move into Disco era.

1970 – Ingrid Boulting

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This South African-born stunner is Ingrid Boulting who was a ballerina turned model and eventually actress. She was the face of Biba Cosmetics and her beauty could be seen all over London. Boulting later starred in films such as The Last Tycoon and The Jokers during her movie career. She has since moved on from her time as an actress but is still highly respected in the modeling world.

1971 – Bianca Jagger

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While initially she might’ve been recognized only as the former wife of the legendary Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger, Bianca Jagger has now made a name for herself as human rights advocate. Of course being married to one of the most popular rock stars in the world says quite a bit about her breathtaking beauty and combine that with her big heart and you have yourself quite the woman.

1972 – Paula Klimak

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This is the lovely Paula Klimak who went by the name of Pola for her very brief but powerful modeling career. She worked with some of the most well-known fashion photographers and models in the world. Pola stood alongside the likes of Angelica Huston, Grace Jones, and Jessica Lange. She was a beautiful blonde girl that was on top the world by the time she was 19. However, tragically she committed suicide just as her covers for both Vogue and Cosmopolitan went to print.

1973 – Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton is another model turned actress that had an undeniable grace that charmed anyone she came contact with. Her big beautiful eyes and bright smile landed her one of the biggest contracts in modeling history with Revlon in 1973. And to think, she was initially dismissed by a few modeling agents due to the gap in her teeth. I wonder if they regret that decision.

1974 – Beverly Johnson

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Beverly Johnson has a long list of accolades to her credit, one seemingly better than the next. However, the most significant would have to be in 1974 when she became the first African-American to land the cover of American Vogue. The following year she did the same thing for the French addition of Elle. Beverly’s striking beauty and keen fashion sense landed her on the New York Times list of the most influential people of the 20th-century fashion industry.

1975 – Jerry Hall

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Mick Jagger has another one of his former love interests make this list. He and the gorgeous Jerry Hall had a common law relationship and four children together before separating in 1999. This Texan born blonde bombshell was a model that was discovered while she was sunbathing on a beach in Saint-Tropez. She then moved to Paris as a young girl where she shared an apartment with Jessica Lange and Grace Jones, who were also pursuing modeling careers at the time.


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