This Obese Dachshund Managed To Lose A Lot Of Weight!


People can show their love in various ways. Sometimes, those ways could be healthy and sometimes not. When you adore something or somebody, you want them to be happy. But sometimes, it is not good everything they wish or want for them. This is an example of feeding your dog with human food. Many of us have a family member who sneaks the dog food during the dinner. In this story you will see some facts about human food and feeding your dog with that food.

When Vincent recently lost his loving proprietor, you can see from his look, he had been feeding with human food. Actually, vets told that the human food was very different, and something that is hardly fit for people consumption, it is much harder for dogs. We eat spicy food and that’s why dogs could be sensitive to some of the food, so food processing is easier on a people’s system than a dog’s. See this small dog who tries to make changes in his life.


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