This House Looks Tiny, But It Has Way More Space Than It Looks Like!


The word “alpha” has different meanings. It can be the angle of a planet’s wing or the first letter in the Greek alphabet, but we frequently think about the term “in control.” This term is regularly used to name the leader of a pack of creatures, so we tend to relate the word with being the best. Furthermore, on in this alpha tiny house case, that would be totally true. Even if this house is small, yet it has got probably the most astounding elements we’ve ever found in any house. Watch this video to see this incredible house.

The alpha small house has a fold-down yard from the outside that can be folded back up into its overhang to make a seamless wall when you are hitting the road. This is an excellent element for hosts who love to entertain and expanding your space.

There are beautiful, big windows around the whole house, which are insulated to cool in the summer and keep you warm in the winter. Inside, the windows really expand the look of your space because of the natural light. All of the utility ports (the propane tank, the hot water heater) are well covered with a rustic box on the back of the tiny house.

Also, when you go inside the gigantic 9′ x 8′ glass sliding entryway, you would see the astonishing inside of the tiny house.

The kitchen is wonderful for any house. We adore the 33″ farmhouse apron sink with granite counter tops, the stainless steel shelves, and particularly the hidden cupboards that drop down from the roof. The kitchen is also complete with a full-sized cooler, and one of the best stove tops on the market.

Considering the space, the bathroom is also big, with a high-end composting toilet; full sink space, additional storage, and the best part– a full Jacuzzi shower with a shower.  I think most people in big houses don’t have this beautiful comfort.

And the loft bedroom. The King-sized bed offers lots of space, a dimmer switch (so you can control the lights from the bed), and a beautiful view from your own window. There is an interesting way to get to the loft – the ladder is hidden in a bench, so you can simply pull it out and climb up.

What do you think about this tiny house?

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