The People that Ellen Scares is Unbelievable!!


Boo!! Why do we as humans get such a kick out of scaring the you-know-what out of each other? It’s really unexplainable but for some reason there is such a thrill in watching someone react in an all out physical, jump-out-of-their-seat type of move to something that pops up out of nowhere. I distinctly remember as a kid, hiding in some ridiculous places, waiting for my opportunity to pop-out at my sisters. It’s definitely a fun type of child’s play that may actually be more entertaining as an adult.

For some reason, it is especially fun to watch famous people be spooked. Its interesting to see famous people interact in the normal world like the rest of us. A lot of times movies stars, musicians and the like, they seem so calculated and well-presented. Its almost as if they are untouchable. Because of this people really enjoy seeing these famous people experience “real life” things like the rest of us. Lucky for us, Ellen Degeneres uses her show as a platform to show that even the most famous individuals get very scared and surprised just like the rest of us.

Most people are familiar with the talk show that Ellen Degeneres host’s called The Ellen Show. Ellen does a lot of really great things on her show. She highlights every day people that do amazing things. She rewards those people for making the world a better place and she shows gratitude in forms of unique gifts, kind words and drawing attention to their cause. She also interviews stars and people involved in current events. Her interviews are unique in that she adds a comedic spin on things with both her personality and her love of fun stunts. In the beginning of the video, Ellen explains that she has recorded 121 scares over the course of her show. She has an absolute blast having people jump out to scare guest and she even takes a turn sometimes herself. I’m wondering how, after so many people, she is still catching them off guard!


Fortunately, the video is entitled “Ellen’s Never-Ending Scares.” I think it is safe to say that the term “never-ending” indicates that there are a lot more scares to come from Ellen. My favorite might be Miley Cyrus, mid-sentence about how NOTHING¬†scares her. Well played Ellen, well played.


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