Son’s Secret Video to Find Mom a Boyfriend


There is something special about the bond between a mother and son. It’s instinctual. There is a popular children’s book entitled, “Love You Forever.” The book chronicles the life and relationship between a mother and her son.

Spoiler alert. It starts with the birth of a baby boy and shows, mostly in pictures, a glimpse into their lives and their relationship. Through the book, there is the consistent thread of the mom caring for the young boy. The first few pages show her coddling him and cuddling him to sleep in a rocking chair. From there, the reader watches as the boy grows and matures over the stages of life. Really it’s just a few pages but you get the idea that this Mom adores her son and has made it her absolute priority to care for and protect the boy. As many son-mother relationships go, the boy gradually grows up, gets to be much taller than his mom and transitions into independence. All the while this mom is constantly watching out for her boy. As she grows old, she become more frail. Life, as it does for all of us, takes a toll on her. Having started with an image of the young mother rocking her new born son, the book closes with just the opposite. The young boy has grown big and strong and sits in a rocking chair, holding, rocking and protecting his frail mother.

This book wasn’t written out of thin air. It’s real and relatable and human. In the modern day, there is a lot more grit and detail and ups and downs but often, that mother-son relationship can be summed up in a series of just a few pages. I thought immediately of this book when I stumbled upon a video recently. The video was made secretly for and of a woman named Eva, by her son. It becomes clear early on that this mother and son have a great relationship. You can tell she spent years nursing this guy to become an honorable man. Over the course of a year, he captures her spirit and personality in a series of videos. All unknown to her, he takes glimpses of her life and puts them together in a short video. Its his way of taking care of her. He admires her and want her to be as happy as possible. The purpose of the video: to find his mom, born in 1946, a boyfriend.


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