Someone Teach Me to Speak: TEENAGER


I used to think it was so ridiculous when an adult would comment on how they can’t keep up with “kids these days.” Well I’ve entered adulthood, or some still-very-dependent-on-my-parents version of adulthood and I CANNOT KEEP UP. In high school there was was this trend that was very specific to my school. It was “uuuahh baste” or at least thats how it had come to be pronounced. First it was “Beast” as in something so cool or extreme that it is “Beast.” That kind of makes sense, I guess. When I hear the term beast, I think of a large, strong, intimidating character who I wouldn’t want to make mad. So yeah, saying “Beast” in reference to something being great, I can understand that. Well, it wasn’t long before our new signature word was prefaced with “uh.” So for some reason unbeknown to really anyone, a large portion of our high school was walking around and responding to things they favored with “uh, beast.” It’s weird how these things happen. Someone says something one time and someone else thinks it’s funny and BOOM it’s repeated over and over.  Our “uh, beast” was gradually dramatized into a very unrecognizable serious of sounds. The “uh” is so drawn out and so twangy, it was as if Dolly Parton had hiccuped while calling her dog and we all ran with it. The “beast” gradually gave way to “Baste” and no one was talking about a turkey. There we were, teenagers, using our own made-up phrase and thinking we were the most hilarious people to set foot on earth. So… fast forward quite a few years and I cross paths with the new age of teenagers and their weird words. I hear one of these things… I hear one of these weirdly-exaggerated series of noises that was formerly some resemblance of the English language. I hear “SuhDood” OVER and OVER again. Turns out, after a little investigating. The origin is THIS:


Seven seconds!! It was just a seven second video. That is all it took to literally insert a new phrase into the every day use of a group of individuals. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.



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