She Was Warned Not to Let This Stray Pit Bull into Her Home. What She Decided to Do Changed Everything!


When she was taken after home by a stray pit bull, companions cautioned artist Linda Blair not to pay him with any doubt. Indeed, they advised her not to let the stray inside. Pit bulls, more than some other kind of pooch, are victimized for being mean and horrible. This generalization for the most part originates from the unlawful and boorish dog battling of which pit bulls are frequently made the victims of. So when Linda chose to disregard her companions warning and this generalization, her life, and the puppy’s life, would change for eternity.

It is so emotional that Linda found in this puppy not as a creature, but rather as an animal requesting help. She understood as she advanced into her home that the pit bull was not being forceful at all or attempting to assault her, and she realized what needed to be done.

That was the point at which she brought the pooch some water and food and began the relationship that would eventually transform her life.

This is such a telling story. It demonstrates that you really can’t judge a book by its cover (whether it’s a man or a pooch!) and that occasionally, giving these astonishing things access to your life can have a much more profound effect on you down the line than you ever could have envisioned.


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