President Obama Reads and Reacts to Mean Tweets About Himself


“Obama couldn’t negotiate getting a whopper without pickles.”

Social media has given people direct interaction with others that they might not otherwise have. Twitter is a direct line of communication to all kinds of people in the public eye. A lot of times people send tweets out as if the subject of their criticism might never read their harsh words. Jimmy Kimmel Live started a short video series of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. Most of these videos go viral. Often when insulting things are said about a person via the internet, no one is around to see their reaction when they read it.  Jimmy Kimmel changed the game of Twitter insults. He gives the celeb a phone with a list of tweets to read about themselves. They read the tweets out loud, seeing them for the first time. The tweets are often harsh criticism. Watching famous people read direct insults about themselves shows a very human and relatable side we otherwise might not see.

Obama has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live a handful of times and recently participated in his second “celebrities read mean tweets about themselves” video.

Obama’s time in office is dwindling down, as the 2016 Election approaches, we are reaching the end of Obama’s term. Love him or hate him, Obama has made more humorous television and media appearances than most other presidents ever do. He takes what appears to be a casual, comedic approach to criticism. At the very least, the guy is entertaining.

Obama reads a series of tweets that blame him for completely ridiculous things. He responds with quick witted humor and surprise we can all relate to. The tweet that really takes the cake is one written by @therealdonaldtrump which is the Twitter handle for this years republican party nominee, Donald Trump. This election has seen its fair share of defimation, but Obama’s reaction to Trump’s tweet is quite hilarious. Check it out:



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