Watch Adorable Pets Loving Their Bath Time


We as humans do this interesting thing where we take in other species and treat them like family. I was thinking about this the other day as I came home to my dog curled up on my bed with his head on my pillow. Seriously dude? Yeah, it was a little annoying but more so endearing. Why do I think this is kind of cute? I asked myself. I’m literally letting a 120 pound hairy, long tailed, toilet-water-drinking, butt-sniffing, mammal in my bed and on my pillow.  Thats gross, he needs a bath, I thought to myself. Bathing this guy is easier said than done. When given the opportunity to swim in a mountain lake in the middle of an alpine forest, he can’t get enough. The dude will literally galavant through fields at the sight of a lake. He does some sort of deer-like skipping dog sprint, too excited to contain himself. He’ll swim for hours and loves the water. On his terms, he loves the water. When it come time for a bath though, its like water is lava. Don’t touch it! It’s Lava! my dog seems to think. It is really an all out wrestling match to get the guy in a tub. As a shorter-than-average female weighing only a few pounds more than him, its an all out wrestling match to get him to bathe. I’ve actually given up doing it at home and have opted for those self-service dog bathing stations where I can make a big sloppy mess, and leave. I’m happy to make the sacrifice of a few bucks and a bit of my time, I’d do just about anything for him. He’s family. That’s still not something I can totally explain but I do know that I’m not alone in treating another mammal like my own kin. Check out this compilation video of people bathing their pets! I’m a little jealous of how easy they all make it look. Good for you, guys, good for you. Enjoy 🙂

Here we go, adorable little animals and their bath time:


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