Our Favorite Childhood Crushes: Then & Now


Some people just have the gene that lets you know they are going to be a beautiful human. I’m sure Scarlet J has had it since day one.  Some of us had a rough start with our big teeth and bad hair but somehow changes occur and we start to get our act together. For the actors that were out childhood crushes, some were an instant hit while other took time to age like a fine wine. Find your favorites and remember when you first saw them and you got your first taste of a crush.

Scarlett Johannson



Scarlett J. Is there anyone quite like her in Hollywood? Not a chance. We’ve watched her grow into one of films favorite actors, especially with her recurring role of Black Widow in The Avengers series. My personal favorite was her role in Her that made me all warm and fuzzy and I couldn’t even see her! She rules the hardest on this list.


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