Ode to the Olympics: Track and Field Bloopers


Tis the season of the summer Olympic games. Most of the time we could all really care less about what is going on in the world of track and field. However when the best of the best are competing on the world stage, we all become a little more concerned with the world of running, jumping, hurdling and throwing things. Usain Bolt is a living day legend and it is fun watching him slay the competition. In high school I was a pole-vaulter, I’m not even sure I could really call myself that. My PR or Personal Record was a whopping 9 ft. That is less than one foot higher than the world record for the high jump. Yes, there was a man in 1993 who cleared 8ft 1/4 inch in the high jump to set the still standing world record. Me, on the other hand, even with the assistance of a 15ft pole, could only clear 9ft. Oh, the glory days.

Watching the Olympic games is fun. It is exciting to see people excel at what they do and what they are passionate about. Its exciting to see people win. Judging my trends on YouTube and general conversation, it seems the most talked about things in the Olympics are A. People setting world records and B. People failing. Yes, there is great joy in watching people succeed, but for some reason it might be even more entertaining to see people fail. I think collectively, I’ve watched more fall videos in this Olympic season than record-setting feats. It is far less likely for the best athletes in the world to really mess up. Those ever more likely to mess up are the average joes, the high school team walk ons, the kids who still believe they can be and do anything; these are the ones wiping out. Lucky for those of us with a very seasonal interest in track and field competition, the internet is full of people eating you-know-what in track and field competition. For your enjoyment and my own…Cheers to the high school has-beens!


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