Nose Twerking is a Thing You’ve Got to See!


Nose Twerking is a thing.

A friend shared a video with me that was pretty hilarious. I seriously don’t understand where people find or come up with stuff like this. So the video he sent was of  a girl using her nose to do a dance. I’m not sure what kind of mental picture that provides but it’s probably not accurate. Really, I’m just not sure how to put it into words. Anyway, I see this video of a chick “booty dropping” with her nose and I have to ask, who is this chick? And does she have more videos? Not even knowing what to type into the search bar, I went to YouTube and looked up “Nose Dance.” I figured a search of “booty dropping” would give way to more adult-style content and that’s not what I was looking for. Also,  I’m not even sure anyone else on the planet uses that as a phrase. Well my search results were incredibly fruitful. Apparently  there is a whole… I don’t know what to call it. A movement? An underground trend? A fad? Whatever you want to call it, it is a thing and it is called Nose Twerking. Twerking is a word that has yet to break into my vocabulary. You’ll notice I used the term “booty dropping” which is probably just as ridiculous.  I remember when the word “Bootylicious” made it into the Webster’s dictionary and honestly, I thought that was a sad day. What is with the English language being constantly expanded with words that were pulled out of thin air, words that are relatively unnecessary? If we’re going to add words to our language, why can’t they be words associated with new advances in medical practices, or space exploration, or something of value.  Anyway, that’s my rant about unnecessary new words. The word “twerk” has come into circulation in recent years and apparently there are different versions of “twerking” including that of the nose.  Here it is. Nose Twerking. I cannot stop watching! Enjoy!


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