Most Amazing Female Billiionaires


Society has taught us to assume that most billionaires will be men, however wrong that may be, and these gorgeous women are “proof in the punch” as the old saying goes. These lovely, smart, and talented ladies represent some of the most beautiful billionaires in the world. Some acquired their massive fortunes by using their own two hands, others by birthright. But no matter how they got the status of billionaire, one thing is for sure and that is they all make being a billionaire look even more appealing.

Aerin Lauder – Estee Lauder Heiress

Photo: refinery29

When you think of an heiress of one of the most popular cosmetic, perfume, and fashion lines in the entire world, it’s probably a safe bet to assume she’s going to be a ravishing beauty. And if you happen to be thinking of Aerin Lauder, you’d be exactly correct to do so. Aerin is the granddaughter of Estee and Joseph Lauder, the founders of the world famous Estee Lauder Companies.


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