Moms Go Through Their Son’s Phones


Hand your cell phone over to your mom. Right now. Give your phone to your mom and let her go through it. Ha, you’re a little hesitant, right? No matter the age, mom’s play a special role in our lives. To them we are or were once their world. Mom’s bring us into the world and if we’re lucky enough, they stand by us along the way. Mom’s often see their children as their babies, no matter that “baby’s” age. So as we grow older and develop our own lives, relationships and experiences, sometimes we compartmentalize mom. Even those who share “everything” with mom still have some things they keep to themselves. Romantic relationships are a great example. It’s not usually an experience or a series of experiences that we are comfortable letting mom in on. So when T-Mobile got moms and son’s together and asked them to swap phone’s, the results are somewhat hilarious.

T-Mobile started a short video series where they invite people in for an interview and then ask those people to swap phones and encourage them to look through each others phones. These days, our phones document so much of our lives and they hold so many private conversations and photos. They tried this on mothers and their son’s. It seems from the brief interviews, they chose mom’s and their boys who were somewhat close. You might even say they’re “momma’s boys.” But one after another, they are all very hesitant to hand over their phones to mom. It’s pretty funny to watch as they become nervous and obviously uncomfortable with the idea of the woman that “brought them into this world” is going through their most private information.

Check out the video below of the boys are their mom’s and a super awkward couple of minutes of the mom’s dissecting their sons’ lives via cell phone. Enjoy:


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