Meet Dwarf Mamba: Vine Legend Turned YouTube Star


photo: Vine


The smartphone world has been so caught up with Snapchat these days and new Instagram Stories, Vine has almost fallen by the wayside. Remember Vine? Of course you do. It was the first app to take sharing short-videos into the mainstream and it is still popular. Its a basic instant-share app that allow you to upload 6 second videos to share with those who follow you. What makes them so fun is the loop. These videos play in a continuous loop as long as they are displayed on the screen. Who knew repetition lends so much to hilarity!? As with all self-promotion apps, stars are born from unlikely circumstance. We can all name a few people that are considered YouTube famous. Maybe they had some sort of epic wipe-out, or their rendition of an event they experienced was morphed into a viral music video, whatever the case, YouTube stars are born all the time. Instagram too, there are many noteworthy Instagrammers, if you will, that have become household names form their ability to self promote on app-based platforms. Well, Vine is no exception. There are many people that have made a name for themselves via Vine. Standup comedy has given way to instant shared video humor. Given the video nature of Vine, Vine stars have made a fluid transition from phone application stars to YouTube infamy. Our favorite of these stars. Dwarf Mamba. Dwarf Mamba is the Vine Handle of a charismatic guy in his late teens with a great sense of humor, Evan Eckenrode. Evan started making Vines as most kids do. He and a group of friends just goofing off and capturing things on film.


Dwarf Mamba- as he has coined himself, uses his dwarfism as a source for a lot of his jokes. Amenities of the world are designed for people of more average height. Evan emphasizes the proportion of normal size things to how he experiences them. You’ll see what I mean.  His Vines quickly became popular for their uniqueness and quick wit. Vine somehow translated into YouTube and people mix and remix his six-second videos all the time. Check them out for yourself. This dude is hilarious.


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