Grandmas Try Virtual Reality


Trends come and go and right now PokemonGo has been making waves in the gaming and technology front. It has become prevalent in mainstream news and everywhere I turn there seems to be someone talking about the latest Pokemon they’ve caught. Admittedly, I am very behind in the subject of trending apps and mobile gaming. For someone like myself, who may not be up-to-date with the latest trends, I still have the ability to digest and understand when something new like this comes out. Although first of it’s kind, and very unique, I have a good foundation of technological knowledge that allows for quick understanding of such things.

We live in a world of advancing technology where constant, rapid progression has become the norm. For many of us, we have grown up alongside this advanced progression of technology. In school we had graphing calculators and computers and were “programming” things well before we even knew what that meant.  There are many people, however, that did not have that same experience.  A few generations of people were well-beyond years of schooling as things like computers, the internet, and gaming systems were introduced. Because of this, it is especially entertaining to see older people interact with the most advance technology for the first time. Watch as someones grandmother sees a virtual reality game for the first time.




My heart rate spiked while watching this and I could feel her absolute shock and fear. She is such a trooper to try out the game and to chart such unfamiliar territory. Whoever’s grandmother this is should either feel ashamed for putting her through such turmoil or very proud of her internet-trending reaction. Luckily for all of us, she seems to be laughing in hysterics by the end, because no one really likes to see a grandma scared.


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