Epic Lightning Caught on Camera!


We all seem so different, all the people of the world. It’s hard to feel that we are all actually connected sometimes. Our cultures, experiences, countries, there is so much that seems to separate us. Fortunately, there is one thing that definitely connects all of us humans. Something we all have in common. We all share the same sky. The big, phenomenal, beautiful sky… we are all under that same one. The sky provides an international experience.

It’s a cross-cultural phenomenon to look up at the night sky and to see a shooting star or to see lightning strike in the middle of a big storm. What makes them even more special is that they are so quick and so fleeting that it’s nearly impossible to catch them on camera. Most humans have experienced a great lightning show.

You know the situation, you catch that quick glimmer of light that is absolutely spectacular and you bump your friend on the arm with your eyes peeled to that same spot in the sky. You don’t want to look away because you don’t want to miss the next strike but you want the people around you to be able to see it as well. Its amazing that lightning never strikes the same place twice but we keep our eyes set in the general direction as to where we saw the last strike. If blinking weren’t such a necessity, we might never miss seeing a good strike of lightning. Luckily for all humans we’ve developed technology that has the ability to capture these experiences we have all come to admire. Its not the same as actually being there, feeling the sense of electricity in the air, but a lightning strike caught on camera is a cool benefit of advances in recent history.

This guy Henrik, he caught an EPIC lightning strike on tape. You can hear him say, “Not going to stand here all day thunder…” and as if on cue, BOOM!


Our sky is an amazing thing, and it’s good to know we can be so connected by something so prevalent. In a world of disconnect, we can be connected by the fascination of lightning caught on camera.


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