Doctor and Talk Show Hosts Breaks News On His Show


Since his appearances on television, Dr. Oz has shot to fame and even written 6 New York Times best selling books. He often shows up in guests spots on other shows and has received many awards and honors for his work.

But with fame usually comes controversy and Dr. Oz is very aware of that fact. Doctor Oz has been accused of having some interesting medical theories among other things. He has been criticized multiple times for giving false information on his show and he is even accused of creating unnecessary fear amongst his audiences and viewers. But that’s just a start. There is so much more you did not know about the great and powerful Dr. Oz…



Success has to start somewhere. Dr. Oz was born obviously not Dr. Oz but rather Mehmet Cengiz Oz in Cleveland, Ohio in 1960. His parents, Mustafa and Suna, were immigrants from Turkey and moved to America after Mustafa got a scholarship to study medicine. Mehmet often visited Turkey with his parents growing up. Oz knew he wanted to be a doctor and the young age of 7 after seeing his father help so many people through his work as a doctor.




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