Forget Real Interactions, There’s a Dating App for Everyone!


“Swipe left, swipe left, left, left, left, oooo right swipe to you.”

Anyone who has dabbled in the world of modern dating has probably had a run in with Tinder. It was the first dating app to hit the dating scene full force and has maintained a high level of participation and general success. Basically users choose up to five photos of themselves a have about 200 characters to sell themselves in a short bio. When you open the app, you are presented with a photo of another user in a range of age you’ve predetermined. From there, a quick swipe to the left will say “nope” and move you along to the next eligible match. A swipe to the right means you are interested in the person. When someone you “right swipe” has also “right swiped” you, you and the other person are “matched” and can now strike up conversation. That’s about the best of a description I can manage. If you’re confused, check it out for yourself.

Most people can name at least one or two friends who have developed lasting relationships via Tinder. Those success stories are usually pretty adorable. But Tinder can be a bit played out. There comes a point in time where users feel they have exhausted all potential “right swipes” and the profiles start to repeat. So the search moves on. As with any successful product or concept, competitors come to the stage in an attempt to get a piece of the pie. So in the wake of Tinder’s success, many dating apps have been developed. Bumble and Coffee meet Bagel are two that I’ve specifically heard of. People turn to these apps quickly when success lacks in Tinder. Maybe they turn to other apps too quickly. Maybe they should put down the phone. Have people forgotten that we also have the ability to go out in public and interact with real human beings, in person? The answer is yes. ¬†Funnyordie.com came out with this video outlining the current state of the modern dating scene. Enjoy!




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