Cat Gets Pushed Into The Swimming Pool By His Big Brother!


If you want to set up security cameras through your home, that would cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Setting up security cameras was very complicated, but if we back in the days when you still used video cassettes, you could truly run to spend lots of money even after all the hard work was ended.

Today, cameras are cheap and they can cost you less than 100 dollars to have a good security camera package keeping an eye on your house. We hope you’ll never need it, but it really helps keep a sense of security only in case someone wants to break into your house.

But, security cameras can pick up a lot more than just bad boys. From interesting moments spent together to heartwarming and crazy things your puppies do when they think no one is watching. Sometimes these cameras can manage to get some crazy event. Watch this video to see exactly what are we talking about.

This cat was interestingly watching at his reflection in the pool. We can’t be sure, but he probably has had a couple laps of water, or probably he’s only waiting for a fish to catch. He’s really enjoying himself in the early morning.

All of a sudden, his big brother sneaks up behind him, he doesn’t intentionally push the smaller brother in to the pool, but it seems he knows just what he’s doing when he touches his tail.


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