Sexy YouTuber and His Alter Ego Starrkeisha, Who Sings Better!?


Met a guy named Cameron J.

Well, I didn’t meet him necessarily, I suppose I mean that in more of a modern day sense. I saw one of his YouTube Videos. He’s a singer and I’d guess maybe a song writer too. The song was good, I’d call it R&B. Smooth, rhythmic, his voice is nice. Takes me back to the early Usher days and I mean that as a compliment. Then I saw another of his videos, this time a cover of a similar smooth, R&B song. Again, he was good, artistic, smooth. Picture a muscular, handsome, tall, african american man with a well-trimmed goatee/beard hybrid. He’s not fit in the sense of a runner would be but more so a big, football player type of way and attractive by most standards. You get the picture.

So as YouTube does it pulled me in with the “suggested videos” section on the right hand side of the page. After my first two videos of watching Cameron J, I noticed that the fore mentioned suggested video section had multiple videos starring someone named “Starrkeisha.” Well a name like that is all the click bait I need. I checked out her (or his) video and there he was CAMERON J but it was Starrkeisha…but it was Cameron J. Well apparently (and maybe I’m the first to learn about this) Cameron J and Starrkeisha are one in the same. Under the YouTube channel RandomStructureTV there are a ton of videos feature both of these characters. On one hand Cameron J is a rhythmic soulful and seductive, straight-out-of-a-TRL-music-video heart throb and on the other hand Starrkeisha is a sassy, uniquely styled, comedic personality all her own. Cameron/Starrkeisha got my attention and I’d bet he’d do the same for you. “The Starrkesiha Cheer Squad!” is my favorite so far. And then I’ve also included one of the soulful Cameron J hits, for your enjoyment. Check out their YouTube Channel for their Duet! You can thank me later.



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