Big Dogs meet Little Babies and Hearts Explode!


“Dog people” make up a pretty large portion of the population. The pet industry is a multi-billion dollar chunk of the economy and dogs make up the majority of that number. It is estimated that in the U.S., forty-four percent of households include a dog. I own a big dog. He’s the kind of guy that makes an impression. People don’t always remember me but they always remember the big-headed-same-size-as-me beast that is always at my right hand. Literally, we are the same size. We do everything together and go everywhere together and it’s safe to say that he is my baby.  Sorry Mom and Dad, no grandkids here, just my big ole fur-baby. That said, I still have an undeniable sweet spot for babies of the human variety. HELLO maternal instincts.

Luckily the internet is full of adorable baby videos. I’m definitely not the only one that gets caught up watching little kids giggle at ridiculous things. Have you seen the baby giggle at someone ripping paper?! Yes, its more amazing than it sounds and you won’t be able to look away. So much cuteness! Well this time we may have struck gold. Here at MaxLOL we stumbled across more even more adorableness (that’s a word, right!?). Some people have human babies and some people have fur-babies and then there are those that are lucky enough to have BOTH. Thanks to the internet and it’s ease of use, there are a lot of people posting their cute combos of dog and baby.  What more could we ask for!? Well, someone made an ultimate compilation, Big Dogs Playing with Babies. I believe it is safe to say that dreams do come true! This is so-flipping-adorable!! Little toes and big paws, floppy ears and delicate skin, wet noses and itty bitty features. You are welcome.



Love might just be spelled D-O-G. We are smitten over these amazing human-K9 friendships. The world isn’t so bad after all.



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