23 Rich And Famous People Who Were Once Homeless!


Being rich and famous is something that we all dream about. The people you’re about to read about are able to afford the car they like, the clothes they like and the house the like. But they weren’t always rich and famous.

They’ve all started from the bottom, and now they’re in position to live their lives with no limits. Don’t get us wrong, having money doesn’t mean you’re going to be happy. But having money means that you have freedom. You can go wherever you like, do whatever you like, go after your dreams, ideas and follow your passion.

In this article you will see 25 celebrities who were once homeless and used their struggles in life to achieve their goals:

Before she became the queen of the country music, she struggled with a series of problems including homelessness, domestic violence and poverty. Shania slept on buses and various shelters in Toronto. Her net worth is now estimated $350 million!

1. Charlie Chaplin

Before he was ten years old, Charlie was sleeping on the cold streets in London. His father died and his mother was often hospitalized in different asylums. Charlie had to use his creativity to change his life from being broke and homeless, to being one of the biggest movie stars in his time.


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