20 Larger Than Life Animals That We Can’t Believe Are Real!


Robert Wadlow from Alton, Illinois was the tallest man who reached the height of 2.72 m. Jon Brower Minnoch from Bainbridge Island, Washington was the heaviest man who weighted approximately 635 kg. This sounds really incredible, but the humans aren’t the only species that has produced some gargantuan specimens.

Animals are dominant when it comes to size. In the list you’re about to see, we’re going to show you how large some specimens of individual animal can actually be:

1. Horse

Raised by Jerry Gilbert of Smokey Hollow Farm in Ostego, Michigan, a Belgian gelding named Big Jake with 1,180 kg and 210,2 cm stood as the world’s tallest horse. The record breaking horse was measured in September 2012.  Since then, Michigan is holding the record for the biggest horse in the world.


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